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Redcliffe Towing Since 1999

Breaking down can be hugely inconvenient – particularly when you have a busy schedule. Beyond this, it can also be somewhat of a safety hazard; especially on the busy roads surround Redcliffe. With this in mind, we strive to provide the most prompt and effective Redcliffe towing services and our 16 years of local experience in the industry has allowed us to develop a broad and effective range of towing assistance for South-East Queensland. At Caboolture City Towing, we have recognised the needs of the Redcliffe community and developed our services to meet their demands and exceed their expectations. We remain dedicated to the safety and convenience of our customers and are available 24 hours a day so as to ensure the upmost in availability and reliability.

Our Redcliffe Towing Services

Here at Caboolture Towing, we seek to distinguish ourselves from our competitors through the reliability, availability and quality of our service. Over our 16 years experience servicing Redcliffe, we have established our practices in a manner that best serves our customers. This allows us to continually deliver the greatest Redcliffe towing services across the entire Redcliffe region and beyond. Outlined below are some of the features that we strive to provide through our business.

Reliabile Towing

It is undeniable that when you are broken down on a busy road or involved in a serious car accident, the last thing you need is a non-responsive towing service. Some tow truck companies are renowned for their indifferent attitude towards customers and their self-serving practices. This is something to which we are strongly averse here at Caboolture City Towing – we respond with the upmost sense of urgency to all of our jobs and our priority is to offer the Redcliffe community reliable and dependable service in all conditions.

Tow Truck Availability

An aspect of our reliability is the extent to which we make ourselves available to our customers. Our operators work tirelessly to bring you 24 hour service so you can rest assured that regardless of the time, help is never more than a phone call away. We can provide you with anything from roadside assistance at peak hour, to a tow in the early hours of the morning – simply call us and we will get to you as soon as possible.

Quality Towing Services

Arguably the most important feature of good service is quality and here at Caboolture City Towing, quality is something that we strive to deliver. Our range of equipment enables us to tow any vehicle and offer the most effective roadside assistance to meet all Redcliffe towing needs. From flat batteries to accident towing, we can assist you in the safest and most successful manner, to get you en route to your destination as soon as possible.

Redcliffe Tow Truck Services

At Caboolture City Towing, we offer a diverse array of Redcliffe towing services that all share a common objective: to get you on the road in the most efficient and effective way. To do this, we provide two primary services and these are roadside assistance and towing. Our roadside assistance services are aimed at addressing the source of your issues, so as to get you on your way as soon as possible. All vehicles can suffer from basic mechanical shortcomings and even the simplest of these issues can leave you stranded. This is something we have taken into consideration and in doing so; we have established a variety of solutions by which to get your car moving again.

The most pertinent of issues that we are able to address includes minor roadside repairs, vehicle lockouts, emergency fuel supply, battery services and tyre changes. Minor roadside repairs can be necessary and to an untrained individual without the correct tools, minor mechanical issues can leave any vehicle at a standstill. For this reason, our technicians are trained in identifying and fixing minor issues for you, which ensures that you will be on your way in no time. Vehicle lockouts are another commonly encountered issue and our range of equipment and expertise allows us to gain access to your vehicle in a non-invasive manner. Similarly, a flat battery or an empty fuel tank will render your car unusable and as such, we offer battery services and emergency fuel supply – two straightforward fixes to an otherwise significant problem. Additionally, we offer tyre changes for those hugely inconvenient – and sometimes unsafe – instances in which you find yourself with a flat tyre.

Our roadside assistance services are always a preferable alternative to towing, however there will invariably be some instances in which towing is a necessary step to getting you underway. In these instances, our proficient tow truck drivers will use the ultimate in towing equipment to ensure that your vehicle makes it to a destination of your choosing, in a safe, practical and efficient manner. We can provide our towing services to cars that have been subject to breakdown as well as those that have been in an accident. For the latter particularly, we ensure that our towing services lessen the stress placed on you by the whole affair, as we understand the trauma associated with being in an accident.

After the towing's done, time to enjoy Redcliffe in the evening

What vehicles can our Redcliffe tow trucks handle?

Here at Caboolture City Towing, we seek to provide our services to all of the vehicles within the diverse Redcliffe area. We understand the prevalence of trucks, commercial vehicles and standard cars or motorbike and we have ensured that our operators have the skills and equipment that is necessary to service or tow everything from large trucks, to small cars and even motorbikes. In fact, we are willing and able to tow unwanted cars for free. We are fully certified and insured to provide our services and we offer prompt, professional recoveries – irrespective of your vehicle’s size. If you have encountered any difficulty – be it mechanical or otherwise – we invite you to contact us at any time for a free, no obligation quote. We maintain an absolute dedication to service and quality and we can guarantee you the best, most effective and efficient towing and roadside assistance services in the Redcliffe region and beyond.

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